The Road Ahead

SNEHA has the following plans for the near future:

1. Adoption of a Village - Construction of a school building, providing drinking water facility etc.,

2. Conducting Health Awareness Programs, focusing on nutritious diet, personal hygiene, and  communicable diseases.

3. Environmental Awareness Programs for the Villagers in and around Bangalore; emphasizing on conserving water,      planting trees, reducing air and water pollution etc.,

4. Educating women on the importance of thrift, family health and  significance of education-formal and non-formal.

5. Sponsorship program for Children

This scheme is specifically designed for the benefit of the children of marginalized sections. Today's educated children are tomorrow's empowered citizens. SNEHA has launched a sponsorship program for those children whose parents are unable to afford to give them even basic education till the completion of schooling. The children eligible for sponsorship are assessed by a panel of SNEHA members. Your contribution of Rs.500 per month would help a child to grow up with dignity and hope for a bright future. You are also most welcome to make a one time payment of  Rs. 6000 per annum.  Through this program, donors would be hand holding the sponsored child, develop a special bond with him/her, and be an integral part of his/her growth.

6. Sponsorship program for the Aged

Seventy - three percent of the 60+ age group in India are illiterate with a little access to any basic amenities in life. There is an immediate need to provide older people with the means to lead a dignified life with an access for proper medical care and nursing. Hence, SNEHA has identified a group of senior citizens who are in need of your emotional as well as financial support. You could contribute Rs. 500 monthly towards this noble scheme. You are also most welcome to make a one time payment of  Rs. 6000 per annum. 

7. Counseling program for HIV / AIDS affected

Recently SNEHA has initiated a program of counseling for HIV / AIDS effected people of Bangalore.

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