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SNEHA is a non-profit, voluntary organization, striving towards the sustenance and nurture of the marginalized sections of the Society.

This organization is formed by a group of individuals whose pursuit is to bring a purposeful change in the Society. The origin of SNEHA dates back to the year 2004. It all began with a discussion and a resolution taken by the like minded individuals to bring a positive change. A series of initiatives were taken up with an objective of raising awareness regarding an egalitarian Society as well as promoting self¨Creliance of the underprivileged sections. Inspired by its phenomenal success, many other volunteers joined hands to be a part of this change process. As the days passed, SNEHA grew in terms of size and events. In November 2008, SNEHA saw itself receiving a legal status when it was registered under Indian Trusteeship Act. Presently, SNEHA is running as a full-fledged NGO. The able guidance of the trustees and the pursuant zeal of its members have made its programs very effective to the lives of people it has touched upon. SNEHA today owes its accomplishment to its founder Dr. James Thomas.


SNEHA¡¯s vision is to accelerate the development of the marginalized sections of humanity and facilitate their harmonious co-existence with the mainstream of the Society.


SNEHA¡¯s mission is to contribute towards the betterment and empowerment of the disadvantaged sections of the Society.

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